Useful woody species in eastern Africa

Species distribution maps

A list of 1,022 plant species that are documented in species assemblages for the Vegetationmap4africa potential natural vegetation map. For each the species, a Google Earth layer is provided which shows the distribution of the vegetation types in which a species is expected to be present. The layer consists of 'clickable' points, which link to vegetation fact sheets. Click here.

Species selection tool

To help farmers, foresters and others to 'find the right tree for the right place', a species selection tool was developed which provides information about tree and shrub species that have been documented to be useful to farming or pastoral communities. Click here.

Useful Tree Species for Africa

Similar to the species selection tool mentioned above, but covering the whole African continent, albeit at a lower resolution. The tool aims to help in the selection of useful tree species for planting anywhere in Africa using Google Earth. Click here.

Tree seed zones

Seed zones map for Google Earth of 13 important agroforestry tree species in east Africa. Click here.